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This is what I made this website for

Just has to be said

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I just want to say Thell is the real MVP y'all. 

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Tumblr is finally dead

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since some people lost all of their braincells migrating here from tumblr, i guess this needs to be said: this blog is anti pedophile/map/nomap/etc, incest, abuse, etc, and this is not a "yaoi" blog for you to fetishize gay men. im aware you cant block people yet but mark my fucken worms if i catch you demons on my posts you'll be the first to go

the attraction is difficult to explain

Can people reblog this so i can find active users

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hello! ive just made my account, so let me introduce myself!

my name is dave, i am an asexual aromantic queer trans nonbinary boy, i use the pronouns he/him/his and they/them/their. i am fictionkin with, most notably, davepetasprite^2, and meulin from homestuck, A. Claire from hiveswap/homestuck, a jasper or amethyst that may or may not be non-canon from steven universe, and faekin.

i am a witch, this means i practice witchcraft, my waterfall witch blog is oracledragon but it currently doesnt have much on it, i hope that changes in the near future!

so i obviously came from tumblr, and i dont think i will be leaving tumblr overall, so if you wish to follow me on there as well my blog is steampunkdninja, and witchblr blog is the same as waterfall.

i think thats all there is to say for now, thank your for reading and have a wonderful day! <3